A Bird’s Eye View


It’s slightly alarming at how quickly, and easily, these can change. One minute, you can be looking down at the dew-covered grass starting to paint your shoes, and the next, you’re in a basket being pulled up into the sun-kissed sky by a few flames and a massive balloon.

When standing on the Earth, I often watch in jealous awe of a bird catching a ride on a wind wave, wings out straight, not even working for it. As the pull of gravity continues to prove the limitations between me and the feathered surfer, I take on an envious perspective. I wonder what it would be like to just coast through the air effortlessly.

But then, I’m off the ground. My shoes are still stained from the grassy field that continues to get smaller and smaller, but for the next hour, I’m no longer held down by Earth’s forces. I’m no longer curious about what the birds get to see each morning in Virginia’s finest valley. My perspective is now set on this view that I realize will never be seen by many. Treetops are no longer untouchable. The sun isn’t just on the horizon, but at eye level. And locals toddle out of their homes in bathrobes, waving their ant-like arms at you as you pass by.

This weekend was a reminder for me to not just prepare for perspective changes, but embrace them. I’m barely blooming into this life as a Marine spouse, but already, I’ve had to let go of old perspectives that I was comfortable in… that brought me clarity. No longer do I simply represent myself. I am a wife to my Marine and thus, a representation of not only him as a Lieutenant, but the United States Marine Corps. Even behind close doors, my behavior, my attitude and the way I treat others are all reflections. On myself. On my husband. On the USMC. And on my relationship with my God.

See, perspectives not only have the ability to change you, but those around you. If you let it.┬áIt’s a chance for growth–to see new things and to delight in the changes it brings. Because perspectives change. And often, they yield beautiful sights.